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Bra Fitting Advice and bra fittings For Pregnancy and breastfeeding. I’m Charlotte, the Crawley Bra Lady & I come to your home, or your group with my maternity and nursing bras of all shapes, sizes, and colours to ensure you find the right maternity and/or nursing bra for you during your pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond.

I offer a bra fitting service in Crawley, Horsham, West Sussex & also Croydon on certain days.

We all know that bras fit differently, but why? I’m here to advise you during your pregnancy and breastfeeding about maternity and nursing bras. During your bra fitting we’ll talk about why all the bras you’re trying are different, and which is best for you right now, and in the coming months.

royce candy blossom nursing bra royce candy blossom nursing bra
cake sugar candy fuller figure nursing bra cake sugar candy fuller figure nursing bra
hotmilk show off nursing bra hotmilk show off nursing bra

Let's Chat

Crawley BraLady
Crawley BraLadyJune 20, 2018 5:55pm
Sharing this from twitter.... what a fab opportunity to normalise breastfeeding 👏👏👏 Can anyone get to London tomorrow??? #breastfeedinglondon #breastfeedinginpublic #motherhoodrising #breastfeedingsupport #breastfeeding
Crawley BraLady
Crawley BraLadyJune 19, 2018 4:39pm
I'm ever so excited to share with you all that the very popular Royce Blossom nursing bra is now available up to a 42 band and a JJ cup!🎉🎉🎉 (The black version only 💕). This bra is ideal for late pregnancy as well as those early breastfeeding days due to its adjustable front! If you think this is the bra for you contact me to make an appointment and I can order it in for you 😀👍👙
#crawleybralady #crawley #mobilebrafitter #maternitybra #nursingbra #pregnant #breastfeeding #brafitter #roycelingerie
Crawley BraLady
Crawley BraLadyJune 18, 2018 8:46pm
Evening! Sorry I've been a bit quiet this week, I've been busy with fitting appointments and lots of enquiries! I've just realised I have over 50 "likers" on Facebook already 🎉🎉🎉. THANK YOU EVERYONE 😘😘😇. Please share this page and recommend me to your pregnant and breastfeeding friends! 😀👍💕

💕Mobile bra fitter/ stockist specialising in maternity and nursing bras 👙
Crawley BraLady
Crawley BraLadyJune 13, 2018 6:54pm
Car is packed up..... out and about on fittings this evening!! 😀 #crawleybralady #maternitybra #nursingbra #crawley #eastgrinstead #mobilebrafitter #selfemployed #mumatwork
Crawley BraLady
Crawley BraLadyJune 1, 2018 1:16pm
Hello everyone! I am a mobile bra fitter/stockist specialising in maternity and nursing bras! 👙
If you are PREGNANT or BREASTFEEDING you can have a fitting in the comfort of your own home rather than having to get into town with a big bump or newborn 💕

Contact me to make an appointment 😀

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June 19, 2018 3:16pm
Thanks for sharing @MenopauseClub 🙂
June 19, 2018 11:55am
We're having some brilliant conversations about bras & breast health at the moment. We believe wearing a good fitting bras help maintain good breast health #brafitting #breasthealth BraLadyUK photo
June 13, 2018 6:20am
"If bras only last about 6 months, then it follows that you should have a bra fitting every 6 months." #brafitting BraLadyUK photo
May 28, 2018 6:22am
"How many times a week do you wear this bra?" #brafitting BraLadyUK photo
May 21, 2018 6:24am
In case you missed it, check out "Is it time to spring clean your bra draw?" #brafitting BraLadyUK photo
May 17, 2018 6:19am
"Have your bras seen better days & is it time to hang them out to dry, (or just throw them out!)?" #brafitting BraLadyUK photo

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